We are a full service risk management and insurance provider.  We offer firms with a suite of services to help you protect your company.  Whether your needs are consultative in nature, or require you to purchase risk transfer products, we are available to protect your firm.


Our process revolves around the central tenant that each of our clients is unique and has unique needs.  We seek to discover the best solutions for your firm through the following process:

– Discussion of financial position and future plans of the company
– Analysis of exposures and risks
– Marketing of program to multiple underwriters
– Presentation of a continuum of options
– Implementation of decisions and an ongoing discussion of your  future needs

Once insurance is placed we aim to become an integral member of your team and assist in filing claims with the insurance companies.

IP Process Visual

Insurance Solutions:

Copyright, Trademark, Trade Dress, Slogan, Trade Secrets

Coverage for these types of intellectual property is often overlooked, but is available.  We review  your company’s existing general liability and professional liability insurance policies to identify gaps in coverage that may have been overlooked.  We then coordinate with your insurance providers to expand coverage to suit your exact needs.


The average patent lawsuit costs $2,000,000 to litigate.  Often firms are forced to give up their rights simply because they lack the funds to conclude the lawsuit.  There are two types of insurance products that help prevent that scenario: defense policies and abatement policies.

Defense policies will protect a firm in the event that they are sued for allegedly violating an existing patent.

Abatement policies provide a firm with funds to initiate a lawsuit against another company who is violating one of their held patents.  In the event that the lawsuit is lost, the firm does not need to repay any money that was spent in the litigation.  In the event that the lawsuit was won and monetary damages awarded to the firm, the firm repays some or all of the money back to the insurance company – keeping any amount they won above that amount.

We at InsuranceForIP.com have access to these types of insurance and are available to discuss the best solution to your firm’s specific situation.