Protection from Intellectual Property Claims

We operate in an environment where the costs of intellectual property litigation is a major concern for most industries. Although patent lawsuits grab the headlines lawsuits over trademarks, copyrights, trade dress and other privacy torts can be equally catastrophic.

Insurance for Intellectual Property Owners

Although it has been around for two decades, insurance for IP is still a young industry and solutions are limited. We work with companies and their outside counsel to analyze their exposure and offer a continuum of options. The market is dynamic and our goal is to easily allow our clients to stay on top of trends.

Solutions Geared to Your Financial Position

The protection purchased by a start-up company should differ significantly from that of an established firm. Our strategy is to build an insurance program that grows with your company, milestones in your business plan are tied to changes in your protection. Because you cannot purchase insurance retroactively we work to ensure that companies are building the correct protection from their first engagement with our firm.

Independent Advice for Clients

As an independent broker our interests are aligned with our clients. We work with all major insurance carriers in this space and have no conflicts of interest – unlike most specialty brokers/agents.